The first 2 minutes of your day can determine how you show up in life and how fast you can reach your dreams.


Using a beautiful balance of Brain Science and Ancient Wisdom, you'll learn how to actually use Manifestation and the Law of Attraction so that you can finally attract what you truly want into your life.


**and Start LOVING Your Life as the Universe Intended.



The Law of Attraction is a universal law that works every time for every person. When you learn how to use manifestation in your life, you will finally start moving towards your divine potential and who you are truly meant to be.

Your Today Story Formula is an online 6-week transformational program that will teach you how to manifest everything you desire into your life.


The Program Includes:

  • Learn how to manifest on all levels. Manifest something as simple as a productive day or GO BIG and manifest a major life transformation.
  • 6-week online program with other amazing people who are ready to uplevel their lives.
  • 6 LIVE group coaching sessions
  • Weekly worksheets and journal prompts
  • Intention Setting Practice
  • Private Telegram Group for discussions, questions, support and inspiration
  • Monday Universe Card pulls in the private group to get some inspiration and guidance for your upcoming week.
  • [30 DAY] 100% program guarantee or your money back.
  • Affiliate Opportunities for future launches.
  • Lifetime 24/7 Access to the course materials


Your Manifestation Journey


Week 1: Clarity. The first step in manifesting is knowing exactly what you want. Clarity about what you want (on a soul and core value level) is the critical first step.

Week 2: Retrain Your Brain. Learn how to reset your subconscious mind first thing in the morning. You will start to see results right away and getting that quick win will help you retrain your brain faster.

Week 3: Manifestation Steps.  When you finally know the exact steps to effective manifestation, you are able to do it easier and faster.

Week 4: Manifesting Your Life Transformation. Now that you understand the basics, you can shift from the small stuff to the big dreams. It's a subtle shift that most people never master - but you will!

Week 5: Manifestation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.  Learn how to avoid these manifestation roadblocks.

Week 6: Become a Morning Manifestor. Design a personalized 2-minute morning routine that will help you manifest a beautiful future faster than you ever imagined.