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Manifesting Miracles: Unleashing the Power of Spirituality and Science


Pre-Release on March 16, 2024.

The pre-release of this new groundbreaking book on how to manifest miracles will be limited to a special group that has signed up in advance. For the first few days it will be available¬†FREE as an e-book to the waitlist group.¬†ūüíę


I will send out an email with a special link on March 16, 2024. The book will go live on March 23, 2024 with both print and e-book versions for everyone else.  


It's been an eventful journey with plenty of challenges, lessons learned, and blessings received. Like all endings, it is also the mark of a new beginning.


I am personally inspired to help you start your next journey. I can help you overcome life disruptions and actually believe in yourself again.


Using personalized coaching, hypnotherapy and manifestation maps, I will help you crack limiting beliefs, release guilt, forgive, and help you empower yourself to rise above the limitations that have kept you from living a life you love.



Through her personalized coaching, her top podcast, and her new signature program, Your Today Story™ÔłŹ, Gina is inspiring women everywhere to find their purpose and live a life in alignment with their true potential.

After reaching the height of her career as an attorney, she realized that the profession she had chosen did not light her soul anymore.  She took a leap of faith and left the courtroom, deciding to focus on personal growth systems, the human potential movement and helping women rise up into beautiful and limitless possibility.

She found...

  • Women often suffer from debilitating imposter syndrome that keeps them from going after promotions, new opportunities and life-changing dreams.
  • Women often don't know what they truly want because they have been taking care of other people's needs. They want to know their purpose but aren't sure if they are worthy of it.
  • Women have been programmed to feel selfish if they start taking care of themselves, setting boundaries, and going after their dreams. It's time to release the guilt.

Today, Gina focuses her practice on helping women get clarity, helps them retrain their brains, and walks them through business and mindset skills that will take them to a place where they can have EVERYTHING they desire.



Stop by and take a quick listen to the latest episode on YOUR TODAY STORY, a top-rated podcast for women who have started to feel the tug of living a life on their own terms.


Vulnerability, life insight, and daily coping strategies to get your brain and your business in the right place!



Ep 1: Imposter Syndrome


Ep 7: How to Build Your Dream Life


Ep 35: Start Showing Up For Yourself


Ep 3: Finding Your Purpose


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