I've been working with 1:1 clients for a few years now, but I really wanted to get more community involved...


So, I have created a transformational group coaching program for women that I am crazy proud of.


In this program, you'll learn the reasons your mind creates the chaos it does...


And then you will learn how to change your life by re-wiring the thoughts that have been keeping you small... so that you can actually become the successful, happy, and abundant woman you are destined to be.


It can seem a bit wild to say that your own mind is causing many of the problems in your life.  But it is.


In this short 6-week program, you are going to learn how to retake control over your mind so that you can finally identify the emotions and feelings that are holding you back from being the divine "you," and shift those thoughts to work for you instead of against you.


Your mind is not trying to sabotage you - it is just trying to protect you. It was designed that way, and it's REALLY good at it.


Your mind tries to protect you from being abandoned, ridiculed, betrayed, feeling unloved, failing, and all those other things that strike fear into your body and keep you living on autopilot.


Of course, our minds also protect us from the things that CAN be harmful. Our subconscious mind is the science behind the intuition that tells us something "isn't right here" or that a person may not have your best intentions at heart.


So... this program is not about shutting down your protective mind. Not at all.


It is about enhancing your intuitive abilities while retraining your subconscious mind to release unneeded limiting beliefs, programming (intentionally or unintentionally) we got as children, and using the best part of our protective minds to become the best versions of ourselves.


How would it feel to live a life free of fear and guilt?


What would you accomplish if you conquered imposter syndrome?


How would your relationships improve if you could change the way you think about everything?


Your life can get better. When you learn how to change your thoughts, everything gets better.

These three thoughts are the root of everything that has held you back in your life so far:


1.  I'm not enough.

2.  It's not available.

3.  I'm different.


We are going to dive in to these thoughts. If you can master even one of them, this program will be absolutely worth it for you.

As we work on these thoughts, here's what you can expect to experience in our next 6 weeks together...


💡 Clarity

💡 More moments of awareness

💡 Love for your protective mind and tools to shift its focus

💡 Less anxiety

💡 Better communication

💡 Remembering yourself (your true, divine, eternal self) again

💡 The creation of new beliefs that YOU want to believe



What's the investment?


I wonder, how much would you pay to get rid of those pesky limiting beliefs that have been getting in your way and keeping you from living a full life?

Don't worry. I'm not going to even go near that number. Not even close.

Remember this is 6 weeks of live coaching, worksheets that will get your mind ready to re-wire, weekly inspiration, and a community of love and support. I could charge thousands and it would be worth it.

But, I really want you to give this a try so that you can see and feel a real change in yourself. In less than 2 months, you can truly transform several areas of your life. Why wouldn't you give it a go?

The pricing for this offer is completely based on the angel numbers that keep showing up in my life.  If you are curious, click the link below and see the meaning behind these numbers.  When you decide to join us, simply pick the angel number that resonates with you the most.



I have a secret.


Instagram isn't real. 


If you have peeked at my social media and think I live a perfect life, then my Instagram plan has been fairly successful. But you haven't seen the real me.


It takes a courageous soul to expose all the discouragements and frustrations of life on social media.  I haven't been one of those courageous souls... yet. But I will tell you the truth here.


I went to law school and became a lawyer to prove my worth to people that would've loved me anyway


As a lawyer I lost all of my sensitivity. I was Cameron Diaz in The Holiday. I couldn't cry - even when I wanted (and needed) to. I didn't shed a tear at my daughter's wedding. I was a robot.


One of the hardest things I ever did was to stop working as a lawyer. Even though my soul was basically dying, staying inside that box still seemed like the safer bet. Funny what our minds will do to try to protect us.


I noticed that a lot of women were experiencing similar situations. They were either unhappy in careers they chose before they truly knew themselves, or they lost themselves somewhere along the way of being a wife and mom.


That was when I began to seek out personal growth programs, joined masterminds, learned skills and strategies from the best mentors in the industry, and started my coaching certification with Mindvalley... as a way to try to find myself again and to be able to help other women too.


I also learned that not only is it hard for us to get out of our life-long comfort zones, sometimes other people can seem get in the way too. You may have run into this. If you haven't felt supported in your personal growth journey, it can be really hard to keep trying.


That's because our protective minds don't like change - even if that change will significantly improve our lives. Opposition and resistance to change can be a big factor in keeping women living groundhog day.


That's why I am here for you. You will have support, encouragement and love here. Plus, you (and the people around you) are going to love the positive changes that are about to happen. 


I am not the "I've figured everything out" person you see on Instagram. I never even wanted to take that family picture with everyone in white shirts and jeans on the beach. I did it because I thought all the "perfect families" had too. (Well, maybe I wanted that picture more than I'm willing to admit).


But the truth is... I've struggled.


I've been triggered.

I've had moments when I've thought I'm not good enough.

I've had moments when I felt devastatingly unloveable and lonely.

I've had moments when I've questioned who I am and whether my life even matters.

I've asked myself "why." Lots of times.


I'm telling this so that you know that I understand what you are going through, and I want you to know that you are in a safe space here.


I've been through it, and have come out 100% better on the other side. And even though I am still learning and growing (and always will be), I know I can help you master your thoughts and emotions too.

Here's What The Next 6-Weeks Will Look Like:

There will be a workbook each week with guided questions that will help you get clear on what you truly want in life and what is holding you back. It is essential that you devote some time to answering these questions.  You will be surprised how your subconscious mind will show up and tell you a few things you need to know.

We will meet together as a group for an hour once a week starting July 7th. On that call you will learn more about the the limitations you've created in your brain and how to shift them so that they work for you, and then I will do some live coaching. If you have to miss a call, there will be a recording in your portal within 24 hours.

We will all come together in a private Telegram Group where we can meet, talk, support and encourage each other.  Every Monday in our private community, I will pull an inspirational card to help you set an intention for your week.



Your life is going to change for the better. You will learn how to control your thoughts and feelings so that you can show up better in EVERY area of your life. Remember that once you learn something new, you are never the same person again.

The last day to sign up for this invite-only beta session will be July 6th. We get started with our first live call on July 7th.

It's all next level from here my friends.